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Natural blue zircon from Cambodia. 12.5x10.5mm. 9.68 carats. The stone doesn't have the green overtone like the picture. I recut this stone with a Portugese pavillion and it REALLY sparkles! $295

Item: Covellite Triangle
This rare covellite cabochon has beautiful luster. It weighs just over 32.2 carats, measures 22x22x20mm. $79

Item: Kyanite
This emerald cut kyanite, 4 carats, 12x8mm, comes from Nepal. It has a rich blue color that rivals the finest sapphires, only much more rare. Gem quality rough is extremely scarce, and faceting is tedious due to cleavage. $139

Item: Pallasite
This is a slice of the Brahin, stony-iron pallasite meteorite. It is in great condition, with many olivine crystals and fusion crust on one side. It weighs 15.2 grams, measures 55x30x3mm. A unique "space gem" $239


Item: Watermelon Ruby
8.75 carats. 20x17mm. Polished on both sides. Reportedly from a one time
find in Pakistan in the early 90's. The nodules range in size from 1/2 to 2 inches, and at least 1/2 don't have the ruby center. Get one for your collection. $79

Item X-02
Extremely rare conch pearl from the Caribbean. Beautiful reddish-pink color with glistening "fire" pattern. Measures 6.5 x 5.5mm and weighs 1.2 carats. Said to be the rarest pearl on earth, with low wholesale cost quoted at $1,500/ct. by major US pearl association. E-mail me for more info. $850

Item X-03
Cat's eye alexandrite (chrysoberyl), with rare milk and honey effect. Color changes from forest green in sunlight, to purple under incandescent light. 1.5 carats. Measures 7.8x4.2mm. $499

Item X-04
Gem silica druse. King of the druse's. 8.5 carats, measuring 19x16mm. Great piece for a custom pendant. @$10/carat=$85

Precision US cut, Mexican Danburite. Extremely rare in this size, 23.1 carats, 20x16x11mm cusion, and FLAWLESS clarity. With a slightly pink hue and rainbow flashes, it is sure to please any collector or jewellry designer. @$35/ct.=$808.50

Sphalerite. 6x6mm and 11.6 carats. Bright golden orange with red. Very rare and beautiful gem.
Measures 17mm. $349

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