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This is a nice freeform Boulder opal. It measures 18X13mm and weighs 9 carats. It has an attractive balance of colorful opal and matrix on the face. @ $10/carat = $90.00

Gilson opal doublet. Measures 15x13mm. Weighs 3.27 carats. $49.00

Large Matrix Boulder Opal. This one really sparkles with green and blue fire. You have to hold this one to fully appreciate it. It weighs a whopping 46 carats, and measures 33x26mm. Would look good in a brooch, bolo tie, belt buckle or bid pendant. $10 per carat = $460

Full face solid Boulder Opal. It has an attractive pattern, with bright green and blue flashes. It measures 22x14mm and weighs 10.5 carats. A real nice stone that will look good in any jewelry design. $10 per carat = $105

Incredibly large, multi-color, white crystal opal from South Australia. Good clarity for a white based opal, not cloudy. This is AAA grade opal in the most classic color. It measures 27x18mm and weighs 14.25 carats. One of the best and largest white crystal opals I have ever had. The perfect shape for a big pendant! $45 per carat = $641

Item CS-AM
Andamooka matrix opal with every color in the rainbow. Porous material that is treated by a permanent process to make it black. A bit harder than most opals which makes it suitable for all types of jewelry. 23.3 carats @ $10/ct. $233.00

Item CS-BK
Solid black boulder opal with neon purple, blue and green fire. This will make a stunning pendant or broach. Very nice pattern and diversity of fire patterns from different areas on the stone on a black background. Really nice stone and quite large. 37.3 carats @ $10/ct. $373




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