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Item RP-10lb
This lot contains 170 lbs. of newly arrived Boulder opal rough. I'm selling it in 10 lb. lots. Each lot will contain a mixture of at least one specimen piece that could be cut, as well as seam and matrix rough. Lots of surprises in these veins. At just $175 per parcel, get one while they last. 10% off 2 or more.

Item R-01
Matrix boulder opal lot. The stones have many thin veins of precious opal running throughout the ironstone matrix, like a spiderweb. $.25/gram. Minimum purchase of 40gms.

Item R-02
Gilson synthetic opal. Measures 16x16mm, and 2-3mm thick. $34.60

Item R-03
Gilson synthetic opal. Measures 16x8x5mm. $45.50

Item R-04
Gilson synthetic opal. Measures 16x9x6mm. $67.70

Item R-09
Spencer Idaho rough. This material makes great doublets and triplets. The layers are very thin, some with intense fire patterns. You need to go slowly, exposing each layer. All pieces contain fire. $40 per ounce


Item R-10
Mixed parcel of AAA quality rough and off-cuts. Includes Lightning Ridge crystal, black and South Australian white opal. Some really nice cutting rough. $20 per gram

Item R-11
Lightning Ridge black and crystal. Good material for small calibrated blacks or inlay work. Sizes range 1-11cts. I select all parcels, so you are guaranteed quality. $10 per gram

Item R-12
Mixed Mexican opal rough. Contains mostly AA quality matrix for cabbing, but there are some small facetable stones up to 3cts. I've even seen a few pieces with rutile needles in the opal, very cool! $3 per gram




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