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Item #MC-100

Uvarovite garnet crystals on matrix. Saranovskaya Mtn, Perm Oblast' Russia. Maximum dimension 2in. $49

Item #MC-101

Lusterous Stibnite crystal cluster from Romania. Max. dimension 2.25in. $89

Item #MC-102

Smoky quartz with spessartine garnets attached and included! Longchang, China. Max. dimension 1in. Very aesthetic piece! $65

Item #MC-103

Scheelite crystals (5mm) with quartz and pyrite. Yaogangxian Mtn, Hunan, China. SW Flourescent $49

Item #MC-104

Three terminated quartz crystals (3.75in. max) with hematite "roses". China. Excellent condition. $89

Item #MC-105

Emerald crystals with black tourmaline in quartz matrix from North Carolina. Gemmy 5mm crystal. Max. dimension 1in. $49

Item #MC-106

Quartz sceptor (1 inch). Andilamena, Madagascar. Smoky/Amethyst phantom "Herkimer" type crystal on a clear point. The small crystal's termination can be seen inside. COOL! $49

Item #MC-107

Gemmy 17mm Aquamarine crystal with 2 black tourmaline (schorl) attached/included. All crystals have clean terminations. Erongo Mine, Karibib, Namibia. $39

Item #MC-108

Nicely etched Brazilianite crystal. Minas Gerias, Brazil. Max. dimension 1 inch. $29

Item #MC-109

Highly aesthetic Creedite crystal cluster. Great condition. Max. dimension 1.3in. Mina Navidad, Durango, Mexico. Rare! $75

Item #MC-110

Datolite crystal from Paterson, New Jersey. Clean crystal faces and termination. Max. dimension .75in. $29

Item #MC-111

Beautiful Tsumeb dioptase specimen. Max. dimension 2.5in. Rarely seen on white matrix. $99

Item #MC-112

"Hourglass" gypsum crystal from Jet, Oklahoma. Max. dimension 1.5in. $24

Item #MC-113

Melanite garnets on matrix from San Benito, California. Max. dimension 1.1in. $24

Item #MC-114

Wulfenite and mimetite crystals on matrix. Aesthetic little thumbnail with large crystals. San Fran Mine, Sonora, Mexico. Max. dimension .8in. $19



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