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ElkElk Township founded in 1891
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What you need to know about our Town..

The area of Elk Township covers about 20.6 square miles...
The population at the last censes was 3,806 (1994)
The Municipal building is located on the Glassbo
ro-Woodstown Rd (Whig Lane)......
Phone number is 881-6525

Township Meetings & Places:

Township Committee meets at 7:30 p.m. the first Thursday of each month..
Planning Board meets at 7:30 p.m. on the third Thursday of each month...
Zoning Board meets at 7:30 p.m. on the third Wednesday of each month...
***************Municipal Building***************
All meetings are held in the Municipal Building Unionville Road, Aura NJ

The Board of Education meets at 7:30 p.m.
On the second Thursday of each month in the Aura School Library...

Township Committee....

Our Township committee consists of 5 members and they are currently Three Democrats and Two Republicans....The Mayor is elected for a One Year Term from those committee members..

Our present Mayor is Terry Ratzell, (D), Box 324, Laux Road, Monroeville NJ..Phone..478-6734.

The Other members are.................
Samuel Ragonese (D), 3 Cobey Place, Monroeville NJ.......881-5438
Stephen Considine (R), Clayton-Aura Rd, Glassboro NJ.....881-5792
James White (R), 520 Christian Street, Glassboro NJ.........881-8911
Richard Schmidt (D), 254 Unionville Rd, Glassboro NJ.......881-1561

Our Borough Officals ....

Municipal Clerk; Anna Eden
Chief Financial Officer; Josephine T. Myers,... 881-0362
Auditor; Nick L. Petroni..
Tax Collector; Susan Yarborough..
Tax Assessor; Bruce Coyle..
Solicitor; Eugene Chell..
Township Engineer; James Sickels..
Chief of Police; William Bourdon..
Municipal Judge; William Golden..
Prosecutor; Bruce Hasbrouck..
Welfare Director; Pauline Jones..
Planning Board Chairman; Teal Jefferies..
Board of Health Chairman; Mayor Terry Ratzell..The Township Committee
serves as the board of Health

Board of Education...

Board of Education Office; Aura Elementary School, ...881-6889
Superintendent; Albert K. Brown III, ...881-4551
Principal; Donna Haye,...881-0730
Board Secretary; John Horchak, ...881-6889
School Board Members Are..
PRESIDENT-Edwine D. Pearson, RD 2, Ellis Mill Rd, Monroeville ...478-2997
VICE-PRESIDENT-Thomas J. Raynor, 812 Northbrook Place, Monroeville...863-0613
J. Wilson Hughes Jr.,RD 1,Box 263,Aura-Hardingville Rd.Monroeville ...881-0336
Richard Hughes.,726 Wedster Drive, Monroeville ...881-4568
Thomas J. Carrocino, RD 2, Box 343C, Ellis Mill Rd, Monroeville...478-4080
Jessice Dadak, RD 1, box 216A, Monroeville NJ...881-1267

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