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HISTORY notein general

Elk Township founded in 1891.....

Elk Township was settled by Jacob and Leonard Fisler from Switzerland,who purchased land here in 1791. Elk Township was originally noted for its lumbering business,but at present it is known as a farming community ,with some of the finest orchards in the country to be found in the area.

The roads in Elk Township are said to follow the paths of elks, (hence,maybe the name of Elk) . No history can be found to authenticate where the name Elk originated from It was originally called "Shoestring Township" because of its shape which resembles a shoestring, says Mr.Oscar Carr who at this time (1976) is now 93 years old and lives in Glassboro.

It is believed that the earliest residents in Elk Township settled in the Ewan-Bridgeton Pike area, where the oldest homes still standing date to the mid-1700`s.

The Township set aside in April 1891 , has a current population of 2,636 (1970 census)
3,806 (1990 census)
but is now estimated according to Township officials to be about 4,100. It was separated from Franklin, Harrison, Clayton, and Woolwich Townships.

Elk Township is comprised of several small settlements namely : Aura ( known as Union, Unionville, Union Station in early 1800`s ), Ferrell,(earlier known as Fairview) , Hardingville, Lawns, Lake Garrison, Lake Gilman, Lakeview Park, Clayton Park, and parts of Ewan (earlier known as Ewan`s Mills)& Clayton The Still Run Development and The Covey Estates. Still in the works (for the past 10 years) is The Silver Gate Development (672 acres) by the Quaker Group..

The official structure of Elk Township (in 1976) consisted of a three-member Township committee, but in 1977 will Two more members were added and they now have five members. There is a nine-member school board, which is the controlling force of the Elk Township School system.

Elk Township has expanded it's services to the residents with the roadside pick-up of trash for the households. Recycling by residents to reduce waste. Also a road department was established around 1989.

A new Municipal Building was erected in 1985 to house the offices of the officials who formerly conducted business from their homes..


In-depth History of the many
Settlements (TOWNS) of Elk Township..

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