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(What to look For)***(What to Do)***(What You Can Win)***(Rules)


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The Winners Name Will Be Posted Here For A Month.
This drawing 1st week of March, 2000

The Winner For the Month of February, 2000
Is Janice ...
State-location if given( Indiana )..
Icon was on the ( Lawns History ) Page

Next drawing 1st week of April, 2000
(for the March 2000 winner)
Good Luck...!!!


What To Look For

Look for this SMALL ICON of the ELK on the pages of the Elk Township Web Site, It could be in the History or Towns pages, in the Classified section, in the Patrons area. It could be anywhere, at any time.
<<< Never on the Elk Home Page >>>
It will be moved to a different page each month.


What To Do

When you find the Icon of the ELK
click on it and send an E-Mail message to the site and tell us where you found it, the page you found it on, where on the page, your name and ( age, only if you want to). And with that your entry will be put in our Monthly Drawing. Its that EASY !!
After that check the page often to see if you are the Winner for the month. If you are, E-mail us and let us know what you would like to do with your ($5 Elk Bucks), you can spend them or save them for a latter date(We will send you a coupon from the Site)


What You Win

smile1)...A Computer Disk= With a copy of Webroots Windows Washer (the program will work for 30 days so you have time to check it out and decide if you like it) automatically cleans cookie and history files from your computer and incresses Hard Drive space.

smile2)...You also get a ( $5.00 Elk Bucks coupon )= that can be used toward (services by Disk Works of South Jersey). You can have photo's scanned to computer disk or use the coupon to put a listing on the Classified ad section of the site.

elk bucks

Prizes will get better as we pick up sponsors in the future.The Winner each month will be listed at the top of the contest page, so book mark this page and check back often...........



There is only one rule and that is one entry,
per person, per month. That's it !!
As we get more businesses to sponsor areas of the site maybe we can add more different ICON"S to look for and come up with some other great stuff to give away.

Just an idea..
Tell everyone you know to check out the Local Elk Township (on-line) Web Site and try their luck at finding the Elk Icon.
More Hits mean more sponsors & better prizes. Help Us Grow !!!
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Sponsor's of the Month......
protect yourself



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