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The History of
Lake Garrison


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Lake Garrison located on Route #553 in Elk Township represents in reality what began as a man`s dream. Mr.and Mrs.John Garrison operated a grocery store in Pitman, N.J. On his business travels from Pitman to Elmer, Mr.Garrison would pass a huge cranberry bog on a site called Kindall`s Sawmill. Mrs.Josie Feltman , a lake resident for almost 41 years recalls that Mr.Garrison told of one night having a dream where he made a beautiful lake from that cranberry bog .

He bought the land from E .Ireland of Woodbury and moved there with his wife Cora and two daughters, Leona and Evelyn. In May 1935, Decoration Day the lake was officially opened . John Garrison built all the existing log cabins that are around the lake . The Garrison family owned the lake for 11 years and after Mr.Garrison`s death in 1944 the property was sold in 1947 to the Garrison Lake Stockholders Corp.

Countless people have enjoyed swimming , boating , ice skating , baseball and the beautiful picnic areas . The lake residents hold many events such as peach festivals , land carnivals , house decorations for prizes , water carnivals , Miss Lake Garrison contests , ect. Church and Sunday School are held in the summer . There are over 100 families who make Lake Garrison their home in the summer.

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