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Q: I have a five dollar bill from the mellon bank pittsburgh1928 . pleas contact me with information thank you walt. <>

Q: In 1974 there was a copper shortage and the mint made some trial coins in other metals (I think aluminum, coated-steel and zinc were tried). I understand some of the test coins that were minted accidently made their way into circulation. Anyone know the weight of the various trial coins by alloy type? And the amount of each test coin that was not accounted for (and assumed to have made circulation). I either have one of these coins or a hell of a good fake and need all the info I can get. kevin e-mail: <>

Q: My wife picked up a few Kennedy half dollars at the bank the other day, as she collects them. I was looking through them, and I noticed that the engraving of Kennedy's head seemed slightly different on the newer ones (1997 and 1999 were two I was looking at) as opposed to the older coins. I started looking at various sites on the Internet and found no mention of any changes in the engraving. It seems as if the hair shows more of a part in it, the face seems thinner, and the eyes are different. Does anyone know anything about this? Thanks, Gary Landau < >

Q: Re: half crown
hello, the piece i have is a half crown 1949,with a face in side the bowl anda

Q: I found 3 Treasury Notes dated 1862. They are all on brownish parchment paper. The first is a One Dollar "Arkansas Treasury Warrant". It is a two-sided document. The second is a $100 "Mississippi Treasury Note" - it is one-sided. The third is a $100 "Virginia Treasury Note" - also one sided. I found them in an old Hymn book and they are all in great shape, pressed flat and with a 1/4" or less brown discoloration around the edge. Any information as to the authenticity or value of these bills would be appreciated. Thank you. < >

Q: I will describe the two commemorative coins that I have. The first one is 1 3/4 inches in diameter. This coin commemorates the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Fourth Inauguration. This other coin is 3 inches in diameter and commemorates "Henry Ford-Edsel Ford-Henry Ford II" On the reverse of the coin "50 years forward on the American Road 1903-1953" Are these coins of any value to anyone? Thankyou for your help. <>

Q: i found a penny that has the face of today's queen Elizabeth in the front dated 1998 and in the back has like a crown with a chain hanging from each side and on top says one penny and has a number 1 on the bottom i looked at english pennies and saw none like this, could you tell me where is from and if it has any value <>

Q: I recently was going through a box of coins. I found what appears to be a 1981 D Copper Dime. I am wondering if any one can give me some information on this as far as is this an item to keep? If it has an value?
Thanks in Advance <>

Q: My name is Frank. I am a Canadian who in 1980 I was living in the Great Lakes area. I was strolling along Lake Erie and found an old coin that was apparently washed in by the waves. It is a Bronze Coin. One side has a Native Indian with Bow & Arrow and the word "Common" to theleft and the word "Wealth" to the right. On the opposite side It has the Old American Eagle with the word "Massachesetts" around it. The year is 1788. The coin has a 1 & 1/16" inch diameter and a width slightly less than a standard penny. 12 years ago I was offered $ 700.00 U.S. for the coin, although I do not know it's actual value or signifigance. Maybe someone could help. <>

Q: Last month I came across a nickle that appears to be copper in color. It is dated 1974 and has the mint mark P. I'm afraid the coin was in circulation for a while because it is a little beaten up. Any idea what this is worth? Please e-mail me at <> Thanks.

Q: I am a social studies teacher in Newark, Delaware and I am trying to find information on the history of the development of each of the Presidents on our coins. In other words, who decided Lincoln would be on the penny, Jefferson on the nickel....etc..etc.? When did the official minting of these coins begin and is there a reason for those particular Presidents being on a specific coin? Where can I go to find such detailed information? Thanks for your help. <>

Q: Hi, I have a 1869 bust silver dime, i heard its in the jug books, which I never heard of, Does anybody know anything about this, or tell me what it,s worth? <>

Q: I work in a coin rolling a bag of pennies from the fed. I found a 1997 dime plank stamped as a dime and stamped as a 1997 penny.......dates, mint marks, and other features are very clear.........I would like to find the value and a possible buyer. thanks for your time.....terrel..... <>

Q: about 7 or so years ago I aquired a coin on the ground and never really thought to much about it but never really could figure out what it was cause there seems to be no indication of money value on it but, on the head side there is george washingtons head and around that it says "george washington president of the united states" then the date is1789. on the back there are two hands shaking, one looks like there is a cuff to a jacket on the left side. above that there is an axe and a cane(or so it looks like) that are crossing one another. the at the top it says "peace" inbetween the cross and the hands it says "and" then below the hands it says "friendship". Do you have any idea what the coin is all about. if you don't know i could scan it to show you.<>

Q: I have numerous Reichsmarks some with Nazi insignias. I'm looking for a site that can verify the different paper money and some type of value for them. Most of these were confiscated from prisoners in POW camp during WW l l. Can you help me or put in the right direction Thank you for your time Bernie <>


Q: I have a question about a coin that I have. I am a new coin collector so I'm not very knowledgeable. I have a 1974D Half Dollar and the Trust seems to be crooked. Does that affect it's value? Your page said that Halves like mine might have a double die. Thank you for your time. Jonathan Marney, <>

Q: I'm not sure if you can help me or not. While going through some stuff with my Grandmother, I found a plastic cylinder with what she calls mills inside. I am just curious about their history, etc... I am 30 years old and have never heard of this system. Thanks for you time - Stacy, <>

Q: I have a 1929 Indian 2 1/2 dollar gold coin. I can see the prices vary considerably depending on grading. How may I attain the grading differences between AU and MS 65? Thank you, Ed Politsky <>

Q: Hello, I used to collect coins as a kid many years ago. so when I ran across a vitually uncirculated blank penny from a roll I had just opened it caught my eye right away. Is it worth my effort to take it to a coin shop? Is it worth anything? Thanks - Paul - < >

Q: Please advise me how to locate information on Franklin mint peace coins, I have several and would like to know there value <: mstewart <>

Q: Hi, I have an off center 1997 penny I found in my wallet. Does such a coin have any value to a collector? Thanks, Sheila Mckee : <>

Q: Hi. Do you know were i can get some information on Web Dollars? If so please email me at <> thanks for your time and help. Alex Crawford


Q: Dear Sirs, I have recently acquired a rare coin that I do not know much about. The coin is made of a bronze material with a size of a half doller. It is dated, on the rear bottom, 1896. The front is a side view of a woman's head. Around the coin's front are the words: VICTORIA*DEI*GRA*BRITT*REGINA*FID*DEF* IND*IMP
On the back appears to be a figure of a soldier. It clearly states ONE PENNY. My question: 1. Does the coin have any value?, 2. What is its origin?, 3. how legitimate is this coin? Thank you in advance. Sincerely, Thomas Lum Any information you have on this coin I would appreciate. I can be reached at the following e-mail address: <

Q: I have a coin set 25 bronze coins from the franklin mint antique car coin collection series 2 . could you tl me what they are worth. thanks don <>

Q: I have found a Benjamin Franklin silver coin. On the front: BEN'S BUST W/ A FIREHAT . "ORGANIZER OF OUR FIRST FIRE SERVICE IN 1736 On the back: MANW/ CHILD ON A RESCUE LADDER - FIRE SERVICE BILL OF RIGHTS - TO SERVE AND PROTECT - BY ACT OF CONGRESS followed by a small (P)
Can you tell me what I've found? rbholmes <>

Q: To Whom it may concern, I have an old coin dated in the 1500's... Can you give me any info on where to start finding out the value of this coin? Thank you, Tere.. <>

Q: I have a colonial dollar coin dated 1776 it has the word currency mispelled (curency) on it ,it is in good condition ,its either made of brass or coppper im not sure .i was wondering if you could give me more info about the coins history and about its value.. Tim&Brenda Cress <>

Q: Searched a number of web sites, and nowhere did I find anyone offering any way to identify strange/unknown coins or commeorative medallions. Naturally I am looking because I seek to identify one -approximately 2" in diameter, presumably bronze, obverse shows head of Francis Scott Key in a circle surrounded by flag draped over a sword. An olive branch or wheat sheaf protrudes from a fold in the flag. The words "National Star Spangled Banner Centenial Baltamore MAryland USA Sept 6-18, 1914" appear around the edge. The reverse shows two men on the deck of a ship, one pointing into the air, with the words "Tis The Star Spangled Banner" around the edge. This is the most unique coin of several I recently acquired, another being a Masonic commerative of Alfred Pike. There is no date, just "1800-1891" which I assume is the birth and death date of Pike.
Can you point me to any info? Many Thanks, CW Ellis <

Q: I am seeking information on a Massachusetts Pine Tree Copper dated 1776 and possible reproductions. I am researching a coin that was found many years ago while metal detecting. The coin is very crude, appears to be very old, and is made of copper. It does not bear the "Copley" stamp as on the Copley reproductions. It is approxiamately 31.75 mm and weighs 15.1485 grams. When viewed under a high powered microscope there is corrosion and no circumventing line. I have attached pictures of our coin. Thank you, Linda Huffman LGHUFFMAN <>

Q: I have a penny that i aquired approximately 15 years ago at which time appeared to be new. there are no markings at all on the coin it is just a smooth round piece of copper the same size and color as a penny. can you please tell me the value if any of a coin like e-mail address is thank you

Q: I would like more information on the following coins if possible:
1. a 1908 coin saying the United States of America and has a big V in the center. going around the V is e plupirus unum. A womans head on the other side, with 13 stars around it. Date 1908 below that.
2. A 3 cent piece from 1914. It has a crown above the 3, a mans head on the other side with georgeivs v d.g.britt omn rex f.d. ind:imp: going around the head.
3. the last one is a shield with o sterreich republik going around it. On the other side is a big 50 with a symbol behind the lower right of the 0. Under that is 1983. blow that is groschen.
I would appreciate any info that you could get me. Thank you.James Tett <>

Q: Dear Sir, Would like some info concerning Las Vegas type one dollar slot coins. They have the casino and hotel names on them. I have a collection and would like info on the coins and their possible values. Some of my collection the casinos are no longer in business and have been torn down and new hotel casinos have been built in there place but have different names now.thank you, Ed Bice <>

Q: I have recently come across a copper coin marked uncirculated from Philadelphia.. I was curious whether it was worth anything or whether it was a souvenir from the mint, it appears to have been in circulation which is how I came to have it.. Thank you. J. Saulsbury <>

Q: I have a coin it says its an Alabama sales tax token. could you tell me how much this might be worth? <>

Q: I was wondering if there can be a quarter dated at1967,1973,and1974 without the "p" mark on it and if so how much are they worth??? thank you <>

Q: Hi, I was wondering I have a 1947 dime with the picture of King george the 6th and I wanted to know how much it's worth? My e-mail is <>

Q: I have a N.H. pattern piece w/1776 and a pine tree on ine side and American Liberty with a large WM on the other. It is pictured in Hudgeons 1999 blackbook and just mentioned in others. Has this piece been reproduced? can you give me any more info Thanks Mike Alexander <>

Q: I am looking to find out the price on a full collection called "The Kennedy Mint Coin Collection" It was purchased in about 1972, and all the coins are in cases, most of them are uncirculated. thank you LISA MCVEY <>

Q: I have recently found a steal Lincoln penny. On the back are the words ONE CENT, United States of America. These words are encircled on both sides with wheat leaves. The date on the front of the penny is 1943 and the mint mark is D (Denver). Is there anything special about this penny? Please let me know. You may e-mail me at <> Thanks.

Q: I have a set of ( 40 ), .999 Silver Coins, that are serial numbered and I think that they were minted by the Franklin Mint. The subject is of the American Indian Nations. If you can give me any information on these coins it would be appreciated. Thanks etf <>

Q: I have a few small coins that are dated in the mid 1800's. They say "California Gold" with a bear on one side and either have 1/2 or 1/4 (depending upon their size) on the other side. They are approximately 1/4 to 3/8 inches in diameter. Does anyone have any information on their value or history? thanks parsley <>

Q: Could someone tell me the current value of the Franklin Mint 100 coin collection called "The Masterpieces of Rubens" issued in 1977. Thanks Steve Ellis <>

Q: December 1998, I would like to know where the expression two bits come to the value of 25 cents or a quarter. <>

Q: I currently have a 1967 quarter with Washington on both sides. The head on the opposite side is intact with same year. When you flip the coin, the head is off by 90 degrees. The nthickness is SLIGHTLY thicker than that of a normal quarter. Ridges are present along the edge.Their also appears to be a copper color showing through. Any idea of the value of this coin? Leave me an Email message. Thanks Al Davies. <>

Q: I was given a Falkland Island coin - British Sterling 25 pounds, which celebrated their 100 year anniversity. On the coin it has 100 years self sufficiency 1885-1985. Do you have any idea of the value of this coin? Thanks, Patrick <>

Q: From: <> My 10 year old son recieved old coins from his Grandfather this Christmas. He is now very excited about collecting coins and is wanting to find a coin club in Charleston WV. Can you provide me with any information on how I can locate a coin club in our area for children?

Q: Hi I have a First Men on the Moon 20th anniversary of Apollo 11 coin that was 5 dollars new, and says 5 dollars on it. Is it worth anything more than this, and if so, how much? It is mint condition, still in its original plastic sealed package.<>

Q: I have a quarter I am trying to identify, I believe it is Spanish. the face of the coin has a man likeness of colonial style with ponytail. Name Carolus llll in middle of coin, also DET. Greatia 1797 back had Hispan Point EP IND. REX. ME 2RPC . Coat of arms picturing 2 horned, 2 Lions Crown with bugle on each side . I would like to identify this coin and know the value of it .
Thank you . <>

Q: my friend has a 1982 world trade center silver coin. at first glance it looks like a silver dollar. Are you familiar with this coin,or its value (approx.). Thank you<>

Q: I'm seeking information for a misprinted 1988 $5.00 bill. Can someone assist me with online resources regarding this topic? Thank you.<>

Q: My friend has several silver dollars. From 1922, '72 and '92. The word "Trust" on the 1992 coin uses the letter V in "Trust." When did the U.S. start using the letter "U"? Or was the V a mistake? Thanks.<>

Q: Have round token marked; U. S. pay master $10 on demand. Have peanut shaped token marked; U. S.dept. of indian affairs hay grain, farm goods value $10. above the words $10 is the words [L.A.stamp] in very small print. The U. S. pay master token is 1 and one quarter in. round with the letter 'B' stamped out of the middle. It is made of a dark grey metal that is non metalic. The Indian affairs token is 1 and 1 half in. round made of copper. Another token is from kentucky derby it is made of copper , 1 and one half in. square. it reads: hand this to bartender at any bar in the grounds of the track. value 15 cents kentucky derby in the upper right corner is the year 1903. are these very collectible and if so how much. Thankyou bobspots <>

Q: From: Can anybody tell me - as exactly and comprehensively as possible - which US coins in normal circulation bore the San Francisco mint mark "S" in which years from 1968 up to now? - Thanks! Allan.

Q: While metal detecting today, I found two tokens. One is a 50 cent token issued by the Pitt Hotel in Lake Elsinore, CA. The other is a good for 10 cent token, with the name and address of F.A. Campuzano, 856 S. San Pedro St., L. A., Calif. If you could be of help with any information about these tokens, it would be appreciated. Thanks, Rick Schramm-- e-mail - <>

Q: I have a two headed coin of the young JFK and Lincon sitting "on top pf his nose" a 1973 pennie and i was wondering if its worth anything. Hope to get a response when you have a minute...
Jay Smith, E-Mail - <>

Q: great site!!! learned alot about coins and collecting them. have a quick question for you. i have a csa note just like the one on the site, it has the no. 297 on it and looks just like the picture. how can I find out if it is authentic or a reprint??? thanks for your info. dwlewis <dwlewis@FTC-I.NET>

Q: Mutilated coins, purpose of: I was searching for coins from my home country in coin dealer's cheap jugs. I noticed some of the coins have holes drilled unto them. Some looks like they have been turned into buttons or medalets. Is this their true purpose? Is there other purposes that I missed? Is there a field in numusmatics that study these mutilated coins? and if so, any web links?<>

Q:I have found a pennie that I could hardly see the date (1994) the back is in mint condistion but the face of the coin is not visable it look as if the stamp (mold) might had something in it. The face is very smoth but you are able to see fant images (head, date, writting). I'm interested in how much a coin like this might be worth. you can e-mail me at <KSAWILDER@HOTMAIL.COM> THANKS


Thanks for your site.
From: Nick & Kim Wade
My husband and I have several jars full of misc. change and were considering turning them all in for cash. I have been slowing filtering thru as I would hate to put something back into circulation that may be worth more than it's stated value. Your site was very helpful.

"This is my favorite kind of e-mail, I hope the site can help everyone who finds it."
Thank You All. The Webbie


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