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There is no need to leave your house. Sit in your home and design the Carport / Garage / Shelter you want. Place your order+deposit in 3-6 weeks watch it being built. Then go out-side & enjoy your new Carport, Shelter or Garage.

You can now TEXT your questions 24/7 to: 609-932-447

Please include Zip Code

Delivery / install time: 5-7 weeks from date of 10% deposit
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Deposits are non-refundable after 3 days as they are for the services of the dealer to provide the quote or quotes and paperwork for the ordering process
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Disk Works of South Jersey - Metal Carport Sales

Text Questions with your Zip Code to: 609-932-4471


You can design your own Carport, Garage or Storage Building, " THE WAY YOU WANT IT "

Answer these questions below & we can give you a quote, anything can be changed.

Note: Click on the Quick Quote E-Mail link, then Copy & paste (questions 1-20) into e-mail,

Its that easy.



1. End result you want: Carport, RV Shelter, Garage or Storage Building ? ___________

1a. Style: Satndard Bent Bow or A-Frame ?_______________

2. Your State ?_______________ Zip code ?_____________

3. Your State Sales tax Rate ? _________%

4. Width: standard sizes 12', 18', 20', 22' or 24' ) ?___________

5. Length: 21', 26', 31', 36'or 41' ? __________

6. Leg heigth ? standard is 5' or taller 6', 7', 8', 9', 10', 11' or 12' ____________

7. Carport/combo, area closed in, 5' increments 5', 10', 15' ect. ? ____________

8. Cover both full sides ? _________ Cover part way down ?_____________

9. Cover one full end or both ends ? _________

10. Close Gable ends, one or both ? ___________

11. How many Roll-up Doors? _______How Wide? 8' or 10'__________

12. Walk-in door ? _______

13. Windows ?______ How many? __________

14. Corner braces, required 8'+ legs & carports 18' & wider: want/don't want ?__________

15. Anchor to ground or asphalt ? _______ Anchor to cement ? ______

16. High wind auger anchors: GROUND ANCHORING ONLY want/don't want ? _____

17. Colors wanted pick two: Sheeting color ?__________ Trim color ?____________

18. Phone: ? Home________________________ Cell:_________________________

19. NAME:___________________________________________

20. DELIVERY ADDRESS:__________________________________ STATE/ZIP CODE: _______________


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(Price LOCK good for 30 days due to metal prices) - (Insurance Quote -No problem, we are here to help)

Aprox. Delivery Time:. 5-7 weeks from date of deposit.

Printable E-Quote can be sent by return e-mail to sign & send a deposit to order.

Things you should know.
We are not responsible for permits, covenant searches, restrictions or acts of God (such as Flooding, hail, lighting, wind, ice, snow, earthquakes, ect.).

Please contact your local Building Inspector or Homeowners Association for information.

Deposits after 3 days are non-refundable as they are for the services of the dealer to provide the quote or quotes and paperwork for the ordering process

E-mailE-Mail link

E-Mail us with your size wanted, needs & questions

Note: We are in & out of the office all day long..
E-MAIL is checked 2 times a day,
E-MAIL Is The Quickest
If you call and leave a message we will get back to you as soon as we can.
TEXT questions 24/7 to: 609-932-4471
THANKS, BIFF (Your sales rep.)


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